Representing sports personalities in all agreements

We aim to solidify ourselves in the sports market as one of the premier negotiating firms in the country and beyond. Our management team uses extensive preparation, research and planning to generate maximum compensation for our client list. We strive to establish and maintain new standards in the industry. Our skills and experiences allow us to calculate and capitalize on that value.

Creating and maintaining profiles for all athletes offline and online

We will use the data collected for the sole purpose of establishing individual profiles which will expose performance levels of diverse athletes to the relevant market and the whole sports industry at large.

Seeking and offering contracts

As our client, you will enjoy the benefit of an extensive personalized and unique marketing plan. Our marketing associates will assess the athletes, coaches and staff positions and execute a strategic Marketing plan to build a name brand, recognition and maximize of the field of revenue. The firm will also seek for endorsement opportunities for all parties.

Financial coordination and Wealth Management

We aim in working with well known financial institutions, financial planning companies and individuals who are fully qualified and certified by the appropriate players association. The individuals, companies, and institutions you decide to work with will evaluate your financial needs and obligations. Once those needs and objectives are determined, you will receive advice on a precise economic strategy. We emphasize on balanced planning, long-term financial security, asset protection and significant asset growth.

Post Career planning

In today’s sports world, the earning potential is limited to a relatively short period. As a result, we encourage and facilitate strategic plans for post-career activities. We engage with our clients to assist in building relationships and business contracts that will help them through retirement ensuring a productive and fulfilling secondary career.

Community Relations

We encourage our clients to participate in charitable and socially conscious activities both in their hometown, city where their club is located as well as other towns and cities. We are prepared to assist the athlete's foundation development, event planning, media awareness, social community responsibility (CSR), fundraising and any other charitable program to achieve this objective.